Jim Cramer: No one made a dime panicking

Posted by admin on Sunday, April 8, 2018

Jim Cramer Money Quote saying volatile markets dropping precipitously scares everyone into selling to avoid further loss, but panic never makes a profit. Jim Cramer said:
No one ever made a dime panicking Quote

“No one ever made a dime panicking” — Jim Cramer


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In this quote, Jim Cramer is advising against making rash financial decisions based on panic or fear. Some key points:

  • Cramer notes that no one has ever profited or “made a dime” from acting hastily while in a state of panic about their investments.
  • He implies panic often leads to selling low after losses due to poor timing, rather than riding out short-term volatility through a long-term perspective.
  • The quote suggests making emotional, reactionary moves in financial markets as a result of panic will ultimately be detrimental to one’s portfolio performance and ability to profit over time.
  • Cramer promotes maintaining composure and discipline according to a planned strategy rather than scrambling in panic, as panic rarely results in favorable outcomes from a wealth-building standpoint.

Overall, the message is that while market downturns can be unsettling, reacting to short-term losses by panicking will likely only lock in losses and should be avoided, as calm, rational decisions tend to serve investors and traders better in the long run.

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