Jim Cramer: Count on Banks to Screw Up

Posted by admin on Friday, September 30, 2016

Jim Cramer Money Quote saying discusing the screw ups of Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo during what should have otherwise been a good week for investors. Jim Cramer said:
You can always count on the banks to screw things up royally Quote

“You can always count on the banks to screw things up royally” — Jim Cramer


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In this quote, Jim Cramer seems to be expressing skepticism and criticism towards the banking industry. Some key points:

  • He states that one can “always count on the banks to screw things up royally”, suggesting a consistent pattern of major failures and mistakes.
  • Cramer appears to be arguing that banks are highly prone to mismanaging situations in a way that leads to significant problems or a “royal” scale of issues.
  • The quote implies he views banks as routinely bungling matters in a fashion that causes harm, rather than being reliably competent stewards of the financial system.

Overall, Cramer conveys a lack of faith in banks’ ability to avoid major errors or crises, conveying a belief that institutional and regulatory shortcomings within the sector will inevitably produce serious negative consequences time and again. The remark casts the banking industry in an unflattering light as one that repeatedly creates crises through its own blunders and missteps.

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