Jerry Stiller: Sensuous Money

Posted by admin on Monday, May 11, 2020

Jerry Stiller Money Quote saying that money has a sensuous quality. Jerry Stiller said:
Money is Sensual Quote

“Money is Sensual” — Jerry Stiller


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In this quote, Jerry Stiller seems to be conveying that money possesses an almost physical or sensual quality for many people. By stating simply that “Money is Sensual”, Stiller implies that wealth taps into primal human drives and desires in a visceral way, beyond its practical utility.

The quote conveys Stiller’s perspective that the accumulation and display of money activates deeply rooted psychological and emotional triggers relating to status, security and attractiveness in a almost tactile, sensory manner.

Overall, Stiller appears to be arguing that money is sensually gratifying for its possessors not just logically or rationally, but also instinctively on a basic, intrinsic level – touching on feelings of pleasure, indulgence and allure in a way that resonates throughout human nature, culture and behavior.

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