Jerry Jeff Walker: Don’t Make Me

Posted by admin on Saturday, October 24, 2020

Jerry Jeff Walker Money Quote saying Earn what you need, be yourself and never change who you truly are for money. Jerry Jeff Walker said:
I makes money, money don't make me, that's the way I am and it's plain to see, There ain't a dollar in the world can make me change my stuff Quote

“I makes money, money don’t make me, that’s the way I am and it’s plain to see, Get right for yourself, they can’t put you on a shelf, Live and let live, you know its plain enough, There ain’t a dollar in the world can make me change my stuff” — Jerry Jeff Walker


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This quote from singer-songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker suggests that while he earns money from his work, money itself does not define or control who he is as a person. He lives according to his own values and priorities rather than trying to conform to what others expect of him. The best interpretation is that true happiness and freedom come from staying true to your authentic self, not letting money or status dictate your identity or choices in life.

One should focus on personal growth and integrity over accumulating wealth, and accept others as they are without judgment. This philosophy of “live and let live” can help one find inner peace and balance in a world where financial success is often emphasized over other life pursuits.

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