Jeffrey Fry: Love Is a Coin Given

Posted by admin on Saturday, March 3, 2018

Jeffrey Fry Money Quote saying a currency that cannot be appropriated, purchased, auctioned, or in any way profited from is love – it must be awarded. Jeffrey Fry said:
Love is a coin that cannot be bought or sold but must be given Quote

“Love is a coin that cannot be bought or sold but must be given” — Jeffrey Fry


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In this quote, Jeffrey Fry is making a philosophical point about the nature of love. He suggests that love is not a commodity that can be purchased or traded like money or property – it is something that must be freely given without any expectation of compensation or reward in return.

By comparing love to a coin, Fry emphasizes that love holds value, but it is not a tangible asset that can be acquired through financial means.

The quote conveys that love is not for sale and can only truly exist in relationships when it is willingly given from one person to another, not bought or sold as an item of transaction.

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