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Jean-Jacques Rousseau Money Quote from the 18th century saying morality weighed heavily in the lives of politicians of the past, but we’ve gotten to the point business success is more important than morals. Jean-Jacques Rousseau said:
morality and virtue; our politicians talk only about business and money Quote

“Ancient politicians talked incessantly about morality and virtue; our politicians talk only about business and money” — Jean-Jacques Rousseau


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This quote from Jean-Jacques Rousseau suggests that politics and political discourse have changed significantly over time. He notes that in ancient times, politicians and public discussions tended to focus more on ideals of morality, virtue, and principles.

However, according to Rousseau, modern politicians in his era have shifted the emphasis solely to practical business matters and monetary concerns. The quote implies this change has come at the expense of higher ethical values and social ideals.

Rousseau appears to view the transition critically, seeing it as a decline where politicians prioritize financial and economic issues over more philosophically important discussions about morality, justice, rights, civic duty and the greater good of society.

Birthday: June 28, 1712 – Death: July 2, 1778

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