Jason G. Miller: Credit Card Hole

Posted by admin on Thursday, October 19, 2023

Meaning of Jason G. Miller Money Quote: saying to more efficiently dig a deeper hole, use a backhoe instead of a shovel. Jason G. Miller said:

shovel to dig yourself into a hole, a credit card company will be happy to give you a backhoe Quote

“If you are using a shovel to dig yourself into a hole, a credit card company will be happy to give you a backhoe” — Jason G. Miller


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This quote from Jason G. Miller suggests that credit card companies are willing to enable and even encourage excessive debt accumulation. Some key points in interpreting his perspective:

  • Miller portrays credit cards as powerful tools that can rapidly exacerbate financial difficulties in the same way a backhoe can much more quickly dig a deeper hole than a shovel.
  • He implies credit limits may far surpass what is realistically manageable for some consumers’ budgets and responsibilities.
  • However, credit also enables important purchases for some and, like any tool, is not inherently harmful if used judiciously.
  • Reasonable experts acknowledge both benefits and risks of leverage, and disagree on solutions to promote prudent usage while preserving access for those who manage debt responsibly.

Overall, the quote reflects Miller’s skepticism of unconstrained credit lines. But the best analysis also considers counter-perspectives in ongoing discussions around optimizing consumer protection and financial inclusion/autonomy through balanced, multipronged reforms where possible rather than absolute restrictions.

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