Jarod Kintz: The Bank Owns Me

Posted by admin on Friday, May 26, 2023

Meaning of Jarod Kintz Money Quote: saying not owning anything can be empowering, unless still owned by the bank. Jarod Kintz said:

I own nothing, but at least nothing owns me. Well, besides the bank Quote

“I own nothing, but at least nothing owns me. Well, besides the bank” — Jarod Kintz


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In this quote, Jarod Kintz is making a humorous observation about his lack of possessions and debt obligations. By saying “I own nothing, but at least nothing owns me,” he’s referring to how some people feel defined or constrained by what they accumulate, whereas he feels liberated by owning little.

However, he then acknowledges that while he may not be owned by possessions, he is still owned “by the bank” through any debts or loans he has outstanding.

So Kintz is jokingly pointing out that while lacking possessions allows freedom from being defined by material things, debt obligations still impose a form of ownership over him through financial institutions.

Overall, the quote is meant in a lighthearted way to poke fun at how debt can feel like it controls people even if they own very little otherwise.

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