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Posted by admin on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jarod Kintz Money Quote saying football players can learn from any politician how best to play the money game. Jarod Kintz said:
Quarterbacks shouldn't leave the pocket, because that's where the money is - politician knows this Quote

“Quarterbacks shouldn’t leave the pocket, because that’s where the money is. Every politician knows this” — Jarod Kintz


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In this quote, Jarod Kintz is drawing a humorous analogy between quarterbacks in football and politicians. He’s saying that just as quarterbacks should stay in the protected “pocket” behind the offensive line where they are less at risk of being sacked, politicians know they should stay “in the pocket” of political stability and the status quo where their money/funding is safe.

The implication seems to be that taking risks by leaving the “pocket” could threaten a quarterback’s or politician’s career and livelihood in the same way getting sacked would impact a quarterback.

So Kintz is jokingly suggesting both quarterbacks and elected officials are incentivized by self-interest to avoid bold moves and remain within the comfortable but less dynamic confines of the familiar “pocket” from which their success is derived.

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