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Posted by admin on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Funny Money Quotes: Turning your friends into money is as simple as making ransom demands. Jarod Kintz said:
Ask yourself two questions: How many people do I know, and how much ransom money could I get for each one? Quote

“I think the key indicator for wealth is not good grades, work ethic, or IQ. I believe it’s relationships.  

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In this quote, Jarod Kintz seems to be challenging common assumptions about what leads to wealth accumulation. While grades, work ethic and intelligence are often cited as important factors for financial success, Kintz argues that relationships may be the true “key indicator.”

He implies that who you know, the quality of your network and ability to collaborate with others are what really drive wealth more so than individual attributes.

Overall, the quote suggests a more sociological or interpersonal lens through which to view wealth creation, highlighting the value of relationships and social capital over purely merit-based or cognitive factors.

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