Jarod Kintz: Enough to Buy an Island

Posted by admin on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Funny Money Quotes: no need to be secluded or lonely, I’ll set my sights on the biggest island on the planet. Jarod Kintz said:
Jarod Kintz I want to make enough money to buy an island. Something modest, like Australia quote

“I want to make enough money to buy an island. Something modest, like Australia” — Jarod Kintz


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In this humorous quote, Jarod Kintz is jokingly setting an ambitious financial goal of making enough money to purchase an entire country, by comparing the scale of Australia to a “modest island.”

While obviously not possible to literally buy a nation, Kintz seems to be tongue-in-cheek suggesting aspirations of immense wealth on par with being able to afford such an extravagant acquisition.

The quote plays on the notion that while most think of islands as small pieces of land when pursuing riches, Kintz is envisioning an island the size of an entire continent.

Overall, it’s meant as a lighthearted remark exaggerating conventional dreams of wealth to an absurd but amusing degree by using Australia as the benchmark for a “small” island purchase.

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