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Jane Campion Money Quote saying corruption of one’s values comes from gaining favor and popularity at the expense of representing our true nature. Jane Campion said:
What's corrupting is wanting to be more important. Or you get your identity out of making more money Quote

“What’s corrupting is wanting to be more important. You want to be more arty – you get your identity from that. Or you get your identity out of making more money” — Jane Campion


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In this quote, Jane Campion is warning about two potential corrupting influences – prioritizing status over substance, and deriving one’s identity primarily from financial gain.

She suggests that in creative fields like filmmaking, there is a temptation to care more about appearing “arty” or important as an artist, rather than focusing on the craft. This can corrupt one’s motivations and priorities.

Campion also notes how people may become corrupted by defining themselves primarily according to their wealth or earnings. Deriving a sense of identity from money alone can compromise integrity and values.

Overall, the quote conveys Campion’s view that allowing external factors like prestige or wealth to become one’s main source of identity or meaning is a corrupting tendency. True fulfillment comes from the work itself and who you are within, not from appearances or possessions.

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