Jane Campion: Macho Capitalism

Posted by admin on Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Jane Campion Money Quote saying Money-making systems seem brutish and can overrun us. Jane Campion said:
Capitalism is such a macho force. I felt run over Quote

Capitalism is such a macho force. I felt run over” — Jane Campion


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In this quote, film director Jane Campion is expressing her view that capitalism can function like a domineering masculine force. She says she personally felt “run over” by it. Campion seems to be suggesting that capitalism prioritizes aggressiveness, competition and power dynamics akin to traditional masculine stereotypes.

By describing it as a “macho force”, she implies it overwhelmed and overpowered her at times. Overall, the quote conveys Campion’s perception that capitalism behaves in a way that can feel oppressive, like an overbearing male presence.

She portrays it as lacking the empathy, cooperation or balance sometimes associated with feminine qualities. Campion characterizes her experience with capitalism in terms that liken it to being bullied by an imposing patriarchal system.

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