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Meaning of James Dale Davidson Money Quote: saying Predictions being made about financial transactions happening online in cyberspace, rather than traditional institutions. James Dale Davidson said:
Payment will be in cybercurrency. Profits in cyberbanks. Investments made in cyberbrokerages Quote

“Not only will transactions occur over the Net, but they will migrate outside the jurisdiction of nation-states. Payment will be rendered in cybercurrency. Profits will be booked in cyberbanks. Investments will be made in cyberbrokerages” — James Dale Davidson


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In this quote, James Dale Davidson is making predictions about the future of commerce and finance moving increasingly online beyond the control of national governments. Some key points:

  • When he says “transactions will occur over the Net”, Davidson is anticipating more business being conducted digitally through online networks rather than in-person.
  • By stating transactions will “migrate outside the jurisdiction of nation-states”, he suggests cross-border e-commerce could erode the regulatory power of individual countries.
  • Davidson forecasts that “payment will be rendered in cybercurrency”, implying the rise of digital/cryptocurrencies for online financial exchange.
  • His view that “profits will be booked in cyberbanks” and “investments will be made in cyberbrokerages” points to the emergence of internet-based banking and investment firms.

Overall, the quote conveys Davidson’s perspective in the 1990s that commerce and finance were poised to increasingly move online and globally through digital platforms, disrupting traditional structures and opening opportunities beyond any single national authority’s control or oversight.

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