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Jacques Cousteau Money Quote saying we overstate the bounty of the oceans and we should preserve and protect the seas. Jacques Cousteau said:
endless riches of the sea. The ocean is a blessed treasure, and it is our basic duty, if we don't want to commit suicide, to preserve it Quote

“It is fashionable nowadays to talk about the endless riches of the sea. The ocean is regarded as a sort of bargain basement, but I don’t agree with that estimate. People don’t realize that water in the liquid state is very rare in the universe. Away from earth it is usually a gas. This moisture is a blessed treasure, and it is our basic duty, if we don’t want to commit suicide, to preserve it” — Jacques Yves Cousteau


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In this quote, renowned ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau is cautioning against taking the ocean’s resources for granted. While some viewed the sea as having endless bounty to exploit however desired, he argues this perspective underestimates its true value. Cousteau emphasizes how rare and precious liquid water is in the universe, and how the ocean provides indispensable moisture that enables life.

He suggests humanity has a fundamental obligation to protect this vital natural treasure, otherwise risking what he terms “suicide” through environmental destruction. Overall, the quote advocates seeing the ocean not as an inexhaustible supply depot but rather as a finite and singularly important ecosystem that must be sustainably managed for the survival of both marine life and humankind.

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