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Jack Ma Money Quote saying that he believes as a billionaire business man in China that Americans should share the prosperity of business. Jack Ma said in a CNBC interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January of 2017:
As a business person, I want the world to share the prosperity together Quote

“As a business person, I want the world to share the prosperity together” — Jack Ma


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In this quote, Jack Ma is expressing his view as an entrepreneur that he wants economic prosperity and success to be shared globally, not just concentrated within certain countries or groups of people. Some key points:

  • Ma does not want the wealth and opportunities created by business to only benefit a small number of individuals or limited geographical areas.
  • As the founder of massive, worldwide companies like Alibaba, Ma’s vision is for prosperity to be spread widely “together” across international borders and communities.
  • He seems to believe global economic cooperation and shared growth are important, not just national or regional self-interest in business and trade relations.
  • Implicitly, Ma’s perspective suggests he wants to leverage his role in business to help lift standards of living for people in many nations through expanded commerce and interconnected markets.

Overall, the quote conveys Ma’s aspiration as an international businessman for worldwide “prosperity” to be collectively enjoyed and prosperity increases to be jointly experienced across societies through greater global economic integration and partnership between countries.

After making the quote about wanting prosperity to be shared globally, Jack Ma retired from Alibaba in 2019. However, in late 2020, he disappeared from public view for about 3 months after criticizing Chinese financial regulators. This led to speculation that he had been detained by authorities.

While he was not formally charged, it was seen as a sign that even hugely successful businesspeople in China cannot openly defy the Communist Party and state agencies. Since then, Jack Ma has kept a low public profile and seems to be avoiding criticism of the government as Chinese authorities have increased regulation and antitrust scrutiny of large technology companies.

So while he still aims to help people through philanthropic work, Ma’s ability to shape business and policy in China has been curtailed compared to his outspoken influence earlier in his career.

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