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Posted by admin on Thursday, February 16, 2023

Meaning of Jack Kerouac Money Quote: saying wishing that all attention was focused on food, rather than on costly war that destroys. Jack Kerouac said:
food instead of silly rockets and machines and explosives using everybody's food money to blow their heads off anyway Quote

“I wish the whole world was dead serious about food instead of silly rockets and machines and explosives using everybody’s food money to blow their heads off anyway” — Jack Kerouac


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In this quote, Jack Kerouac is expressing his view that global priorities are misplaced when it comes to spending on food versus military expenditures. He wishes the world focused with more seriousness on food, which is essential for human survival and well-being. However, Kerouac argues that instead, vast resources that could be used to feed people are instead spent on “rockets and machines and explosives”, implying weapons and warfare.

His interpretation is that spending public funds on means of destruction that ultimately just “blow heads off” takes away from using those resources to adequately provide food for humanity. So he is criticizing how military spending seems to take precedence over ensuring access to a basic human necessity like nourishment.

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