J.R. Rim: Time Buys Freedom

Posted by admin on Friday, March 2, 2018

J.R. Rim Money Quote saying having money doesn’t confer freedom – while having time allows that freedom. J.R. Rim said:
Money does not buy you freedom. Time does Quote

“Money does not buy you freedom. Time does” — J.R. Rim


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In this quote, J.R. Rim is asserting that money alone does not equate to true freedom. While money can buy goods and services that free up time, Rim argues that freedom is gained through having more time, not financial wealth.

Only when one has ample free time at their disposal due to work flexibility, early retirement or other means can they truly feel autonomous and in control of their own schedule.

The key message is that time is the currency of freedom – it is having discretion over how our hours are spent each day that allows us to freely choose what we do and experience without constraints, not money alone. According to Rim, time is the ultimate path to independence and liberty.

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