J. K. Rowling: Anti-MiddleClass

Posted by admin on Friday, December 17, 2021

J. K. Rowling Money Quote saying she’s not opposed to middle-class and wants to improve the world. J. K. Rowling said:
I'm not anti-middle-class in the slightest. putting time and money and effort into trying to improve the world Quote

“I’m not anti-middle-class in the slightest. Look at me! I am very pro people putting time and money and effort into trying to improve the world” — J. K. Rowling


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In this quote, J.K. Rowling seems to be addressing a misperception and clarifying her values. Specifically:

  • She denies being “anti-middle-class”, implying some have inaccurately portrayed her views that way.
  • Rowling points to herself as evidence since she came from a middle-class background and found great success.
  • She expresses being “very pro” or strongly supportive of people dedicating their “time and money and effort” towards “trying to improve the world” through their efforts

The best interpretation is that Rowling wants to dispel any notion that she opposes or looks down upon the middle class. In fact, she believes the middle class plays an important role in society by channeling their resources into philanthropic and impactful endeavors that enhance people’s lives according to her perspective expressed in this quote clarifying her stance.

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