Ivan Kozlof: Bottomless Sea

Posted by admin on Friday, March 11, 2022

Ivan Kozlof Money Quote saying money is a never-ending depth that can drown honor and truth. Ivan Kozlof said:
Money is a bottomless sea, in which honor, conscience, and truth may be drowned Quote

“Money is a bottomless sea, in which honor, conscience, and truth may be drowned” — Ivan Kozlof


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In this quote, Ivan Kozlof is expressing a warning about the corrupting influence that pursuing wealth and money can have. The best interpretation is:

  • Kozlof portrays money as a “bottomless sea”, implying its pursuit is endless and potentially all-consuming.
  • He suggests that in chasing riches, people run the risk of drowning their personal virtues of “honor, conscience, and truth” – losing their integrity and morality.
  • Kozlof appears to be saying the quest for wealth has the power to overwhelm and compromise one’s principles and honesty if not kept in check.

Overall, the quote conveys Kozlof’s view that an unchecked focus on amassing money poses dangers of eroding one’s character, as ethical values can be overwhelmed by the desire for greater financial accumulation and success. Money represents a corrosive force that can displace inner morality if allowed to become all-encompassing.

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