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Posted by admin on Sunday, May 30, 2021

Idina Menzel Money Quote saying after success as Elsa in Frozen that it is possible to save and invest for financial security for the first time. Idina Menzel said:
how much work is put into advising people about their finances Quote

“For the first time in life, I can take some money and put it away, It was fascinating to sit down and see how much work is put into advising people about their finances” — Idina Menzel


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In this quote, actress and singer Idina Menzel is reflecting on gaining financial stability later in life. She expresses feeling fascinated to learn from advisors about smartly managing her earnings now that, for the first time, she can set some money aside rather than needing it all for living expenses. Menzel seems to convey a newfound sense of freedom and responsibility that comes with being able to invest in her future rather than just getting by.

The quote suggests she is taking advantage of opportunities to gain knowledge helping maintain long-term security, now that her career allows for savings rather than just paying bills. Overall, Menzel appears grateful to gain insights that can help sustain what she’s worked hard to achieve.

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