Ida B. Wells: White Man’s Dollar

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Meaning of Ida B. Wells Money Quote: saying White men make money a priority, which can lead to problematic situations. Ida B. Wells said:

The white man's dollar is his god, and to stop this will be to stop outrages in many localities Quote

“The white man’s dollar is his god, and to stop this will be to stop outrages in many localities” — Ida B. Wells


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This quote from Ida B. Wells suggests that the pursuit and prioritization of wealth above all else (“the white man’s dollar is his god”) has enabled and fueled injustices and violence against black Americans in many communities. Some key points in interpreting her perspective:

  • Wells portrays an ideology of valuing money above humanity as having real world harms, empowering and even incentivizing mistreatment of others.
  • She implies that challenging this elevation of profits over people through changed attitudes and policies could help curb discriminatory and abusive behavior in many localities.
  • Wells’ perspective reflects her view that as long as financial gain took precedence in the minds of many white Americans, inequities and oppression would continue unchecked.
  • However, a balanced interpretation acknowledges both Wells’ stance promoting moral reform and the reality that overcoming deep-rooted social ills requires open-hearted discussion, not absolutism, between all people of good faith seeking nonviolent solutions through civic engagement and legislative change over multiple generations.

Overall, the quote conveys Wells’ belief that placing profit above dignity enabled injustice. But the best analysis considers this perspective as one of many valid viewpoints, and recognizes that progress emerges from respectful exchange of ideas from all sides, not rigid stances

Birthday: July 16, 1862 – Death: March 25, 1931

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