Hugh Laurie: Vulgar Commodity

Posted by admin on Thursday, March 16, 2023

Meaning of Hugh Laurie Money Quote: saying cash starts as a vulgar commodity and becomes a useful tool to buy stuff. Hugh Laurie said:

pretty vulgar commodity, is that you can use it to buy things Quote

“The only good thing I’ve ever noticed about money, the only positive aspect of an otherwise pretty vulgar commodity, is that you can use it to buy things” — Hugh Laurie


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In this quote, Hugh Laurie acknowledges that money itself is “an otherwise pretty vulgar commodity.” However, he sees one redeeming quality – that money can be used to purchase goods and services. So while Laurie seems critical of money and wealth accumulation, he recognizes money provides the practical benefit of acting as a medium of exchange.

We can interpret Laurie as saying that despite the negative aspects often associated with money, at minimum it allows basic economic transactions of buying necessities and goods that improve our lives. In a concise way, he’s pointing out that while money may be distasteful, it serves the practical purpose of obtaining things we need or bring us enjoyment.

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