Howard Karger on Brave Billionaires

Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Howard Karger Money Quotation saying it’s almost frightening how threatened the trembling billionaires must be as everyone focuses attention on their tiny tax rates. Howard Karger said:
God bless our brave billionaires in these trying times Quote

God bless our brave billionaires in these trying times” — Howard Karger


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As we discussed previously, this quote from Howard Karger appears to be said tongue-in-cheek or sarcastically. The best interpretation is that Karger is subtly criticizing the notion that billionaires deserve praise or blessing during difficult economic periods, even though they have amassed enormous wealth while many struggle.

By referring to “trying times”, the quote suggests ordinary people are facing hardship while billionaires are still prospering, so blessing them seems misplaced. Karger could be implying that billionaires have benefitted greatly from the existing system yet are not the ones truly in need of God’s blessings.

Overall, the quote seems to question the idea that immense personal wealth should elicit admiration or sympathy for billionaires during times that are financially “trying” for most others.

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