Howard Davidowitz: Profligate Debt

Posted by admin on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Howard Davidowitz Money Quote saying the government owes big and we spend big. Howard Davidowitz said:
The big picture is that we're a debtor nation but remain the most profligate spenders Quote

“The big picture is that we’re a debtor nation but remain the most profligate spenders” — Howard Davidowitz


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In this quote, Howard Davidowitz seems to be criticizing spending habits in the United States despite significant debt levels. By describing the country as “a debtor nation” but also “the most profligate spenders”, Davidowitz implies the nation’s spending exceeds its means and income.

The quote conveys Davidowitz’s perspective that even though the US owes large sums, it continues habits of wasteful overspending rather than living within its financial capabilities given debt obligations.

Overall, he appears to be arguing the country spends recklessly like a spendthrift despite a substantial debt load, and advocating for more prudent fiscal discipline and priorities that align spending with actual revenue rather than relying on borrowing to fund excess consumption.

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