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Honore de Balzac Money Quote saying we cannot love with all our heart at once, but must save up to offer ongoing caring. Honore de Balzac said:
Our heart is a treasury; if you pour out all its wealth at once, you are bankrupt Quote

“Our heart is a treasury; if you pour out all its wealth at once, you are bankrupt” — Honore de Balzac


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In this quote, Honore de Balzac is using the metaphor of the heart representing a treasury or store of wealth to convey an important lesson about relationships. He suggests that within one’s heart lies deep reserves of love, care, affection and emotional resources to give to others. However, if a person gives all of the “wealth” of their heart away extravagantly and without restraint, they risk leaving themselves emotionally bankrupt in the future.

Balzac seems to be advising that for healthy relationships, one must pace themselves and not exhaust all of their capacity to love and feel deeply for others all at once. Maintaining some reserves of inner wealth in the “treasury” of the heart allows people to continue bringing care, compassion and affection to relationships over the long-term in a sustainable way. The quote conveys a message about moderation in love to avoid burnout and maintain emotional resilience through times when less may be given or received from others.

Birthday: May 20, 1799 – August 18, 1850

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