Hesiod: Money Necessity

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Hesiod Money Quotation saying we cannot live as human beings without cash or credit in a world controlled by finance, income and liquidity. Hesiod said:
Money is life to us wretched mortals Quote

“Money is life to us wretched mortals” — Hesiod


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In this quote, the ancient Greek poet Hesiod is expressing how crucial money or financial resources are for human survival and well-being. By referring to people as “wretched mortals”, he emphasizes our frailty and dependence as mortal beings subject to basic needs.

His statement that “money is life” conveys how having the means to obtain necessities like food, shelter and healthcare is virtually synonymous with sustaining one’s existence. While money itself is not life in a biological sense, Hesiod views it as so fundamentally important for living that it may as well represent life for vulnerable humans.

The quote suggests that without money to afford life’s necessities, people would essentially be left to perish. So in short, Hesiod sees money as an inescapable prerequisite for mere mortals to continue living and thriving in the world.

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