Herbert A. Simon: Poverty of Attention

Posted by admin on Monday, July 27, 2015

Herbert Simon Money Quotation saying when there is too much to absorb – there is not enough capacity for understand it all. Herbert Simon said:
Herbert A. Simon A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention quote

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention” — Herbert A. Simon


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In this quote, Herbert A. Simon is pointing out that an overabundance of available information in today’s world can paradoxically make it difficult for people to focus their attention. He seems to be suggesting that with so much data and stimuli competing for our notice, it becomes harder to concentrate deeply on any single topic.

The quote conveys Simon’s view that when there is a massive volume of information, it divides and fragments people’s attention across many different sources.

Overall, he appears to be acknowledging that in the digital age, having immense information at our fingertips through technology can paradoxically leave us feeling more distracted and less able to pay prolonged attention, since there is “a wealth of information” vying for our limited cognitive focus.

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