Henry J. Taylor: Contempt of Money

Posted by admin on Friday, January 25, 2013

Henry J. Taylor Money Quotation saying we can’t pretend to dislike money without disavowing the life it supports and enriches. Henry J. Taylor said:
The philosophy which affects to teach us a contempt of money does not run very deep Quote

“The philosophy which affects to teach us a contempt of money does not run very deep” — Henry J. Taylor


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This quote from Henry J. Taylor suggests that philosophies or beliefs that try to teach people to disregard or look down upon the importance of money are rather superficial or shallow. The best interpretation is that while money should not be the sole focus or measure of one’s self-worth, it still plays a very practical and necessary role in enabling basic needs, opportunities and security in life.

Completely dismissing its value does not align with reality. While excessive focus on wealth accumulation is discouraged, money remains an important tool and resource that most people need to some degree in order to live comfortably and pursue their goals. So the quote cautions against naive or idealistic views of money as unimportant, recognizing that it does make a real difference in quality of life and options available.

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