Henny Youngman: Doctor Grabbed My Wallet

Posted by admin on Friday, October 29, 2010

Funny Money Quotes: Henny Youngman. Doctors put us through some indignities for a checkup, but one of them is always the cost of the visit and treatment said:
My doctor grabbed me by the wallet and said 'Cough!' Quote

“My doctor grabbed me by the wallet and said ‘Cough!'” — Henny Youngman


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In this humorous quote, comedian Henny Youngman is playing on the common experience of going to the doctor and receiving expensive bills for medical care. When Youngman says his doctor “grabbed me by the wallet and said ‘Cough!'”, he’s joking that the doctor’s primary motivation seemed to be extracting money from him rather than providing healthcare.

The quote suggests Youngman believed some doctors may be more focused on profits than patient care. Overall, the interpretation is that Youngman is comically criticizing the high costs of medicine by quipping that his doctor’s examination was essentially just a demand to empty his wallet rather than a genuine medical evaluation.

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