Harvey Milk: Budgets to Respect

Posted by admin on Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Harvey Milk Money Quote saying politicians tend to put process before simple action and basic respect for our rights need not take time, just compassion. Harvey Milk said:
We don’t have to wait for budgets to be passed, surveys to be made, for it takes no money to respect the individual Quote

“We don’t have to wait for budgets to be passed, surveys to be made, political wheelings and dealings… for it takes no money… it takes no compromising to give the people their rights… it takes no money to respect the individual” — Harvey Milk


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This quote from Harvey Milk, a pioneering LGBTQ rights activist, suggests that fundamental human rights and respect for individuals should not depend on political processes, budgets or compromise. Milk believed that granting equal rights and dignity to all people, regardless of attributes like sexual orientation, requires no financial resources – it is a basic issue of ethics, justice and civil liberties.

By saying it “takes no money” and “no compromising”, Milk implied that politicians should uphold principles of equality, privacy and non-discrimination without hesitation. The quote conveys Milk’s view that when it comes to basic human rights, there should be no room for cost-benefit analysis, political trade-offs or delaying tactics – governments simply need to recognize the inherent worth and freedoms of all citizens.

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