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Posted by admin on Thursday, December 29, 2022

Meaning of Harry Browne Money Quote: saying when the government uses asset forfeiture, there are no rights available for the owner of seized goods or money. Harry Browne said:
Asset forfeiture government has just stolen all your money), and no right to compensation for the property that's been taken Quote

“Asset forfeiture is a mockery of the Bill of Rights. There is no presumption of innocence, no need to prove you guilty (or even charge you with a crime), no right to a jury trial, no right to confront your accuser, no right to a court-appointed attorney (even if the government has just stolen all your money), and no right to compensation for the property that’s been taken” — Harry Browne


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In this quote, Harry Browne is strongly criticizing the practice of asset forfeiture laws in the United States. He argues that asset forfeiture violates multiple constitutional rights outlined in the Bill of Rights.

Browne notes that with asset forfeiture, there is no need for a presumption of innocence, no requirement to prove guilt of a crime, no right to a jury trial, no ability to confront accusers, and no compensation for property seized. Essentially, Browne believes asset forfeiture allows the government to take people’s cash and assets without due process of law.

His view is that asset forfeiture amounts to a mockery of the basic legal protections citizens are meant to have under the Bill of Rights. Overall, the quote conveys Browne’s perspective that asset forfeiture is unconstitutional and denies individuals their fundamental civil liberties and safeguards in the legal system.

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