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Posted by admin on Sunday, January 10, 2021

Hal Sparks Money Quote saying it’s best to waste money rather than time because time is finite and money can be gotten. Hal Sparks said:
It’s better to waste money than to waste time... you can always get more money Quote

“It’s better to waste money than to waste time… you can always get more money” — Hal Sparks


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In this quote, Hal Sparks is suggesting that it is generally preferable to spend money freely rather than waste valuable time. His rationale is that while money lost can be regained by earning more, time that passes and is wasted cannot be recovered.

So Sparks seems to be advocating for prioritizing how one spends one’s time over obsessing over monetary expenditures, implying it’s okay to spend lavishly if it buys useful experiences or saves time, since money can be replenished through work or business opportunities over the long run.

The quote conveys a perspective that time is more precious than money, so money should be used liberally if it efficiently utilizes or saves time for more important priorities and activities in life.

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