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Posted by admin on Friday, September 22, 2017

H. Rider Haggard Money Quote saying a place where money is in control and self-dealing the core principle, that world cannot be a good place. H. Rider Haggard said:
A world in which money is the moving power, self interest guiding star Quote

“How can a world be good in which Money is the moving power, and Self-interest the guiding star?” — H. Rider Haggard


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In this quote, H. Rider Haggard is questioning whether a society driven primarily by financial motives and self-interest can truly be considered “good”. By asking rhetorically how a world in which “Money is the moving power, and Self-interest the guiding star” can be virtuous, Haggard implies that such a system promotes values that are at odds with the greater good.

The interpretation is that Haggard views money and selfish pursuits as corrosive influences when elevated above other considerations like compassion, justice or community well-being. His perspective conveys skepticism that a worldview centered around amassing wealth and looking out mainly for oneself at the expense of others could cultivate a moral social order.

Overall, the quote suggests Haggard doubted the inherent goodness of a system where monetary gain and individual advantage take precedence over higher principles and the welfare of broader society.

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