H.L. Humes: Permission to Live

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HL Humes Money Quote saying because it’s very difficult to survive without having money, it’s obvious that we need to have enough to make that possible. H L Humes said:
Money is permission to live Quote

“Money is permission to live” — H.L. Humes


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In this quote, H.L. Humes is suggesting that financial resources effectively grant one permission or ability to participate fully in life. By stating that “money is permission to live”, Humes implies that a lack of funds limits how meaningfully one can engage with the world and experience what it has to offer.

The interpretation is that Humes views money as providing options, access and security that allow one to more freely explore opportunities, take advantage of life experiences and shape their existence according to personal goals and interests, rather than being constrained by economic scarcity.

His perspective conveys that true participation in life involves more than just basic survival, but also the liberty to develop one’s potential through experiences, relationships, pursuits and adventures that money helps make possible.

Overall, the quote portrays Humes as believing prosperity enables a richer, more self-directed quality of living rather than just subsistence alone.

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