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Meaning of Guy de Maupassant Money Quote: saying that of all our desires, there only show how powerless we are, even with money. Guy de Maupassant said:
Money? What for? To gratify your desires. Glory? What coems after it all? Death! Death alone is certain Quote

“We breathe, sleep, drink, eat, work and then die! The end of life is death. What do you long for? Love? A few kisses and you will be powerless. Money? What for? To gratify your desires. Glory? What coems after it all? Death! Death alone is certain” — Guy de Maupassant


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This quote from Guy de Maupassant conveys a rather bleak and nihilistic perspective on the human experience. Some key points in interpreting his view:

  • Maupassant portrays life as consisting of basic biological functions like breathing and eating, labor through work, and an inevitable ending in death with nothing more.
  • He implies love and money provide only fleeting pleasures that ultimately do not alter mortality or give life deeper purpose beyond sensual “gratification.”
  • Maupassant’s perspective reflects a viewpoint that sees glory, fame or achievement as equally meaningless in the face of death, which he asserts as life’s sole certainty.
  • However, reasonable people can disagree with such a dim view and find fulfillment through purposeful work, compassionate relationships, spiritual conviction, bettering communities or freely pursuing deeper callings according to their own philosophies and situations over the lifespan.

While the quote conveys Maupassant’s stance, a balanced interpretation is that people of integrity have long debated life’s meanings and how to optimize welfare through security, empathy, personal growth and civic participation according to changing needs. Multiple perspectives have merit in ongoing discussions about defining and achieving life’s rewards.

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