Groucho Marx: Money Innuendo

Posted by admin on Sunday, February 26, 2023

Meaning of Groucho Marx Money Quote: saying love leaves through the door when innuendo comes in the window. Groucho Marx said:

Love flies out the door when money comes innuendo Quote

“Love flies out the door when money comes innuendo” — Groucho Marx


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This humorous quote from Groucho Marx suggests that the presence of money can undermine romantic love or intimacy. Some key points in interpreting his perspective:

  • Marx implies that the introduction of financial matters or the prospect of wealth has the potential to damage affection between partners in a relationship.
  • He portrays money as a threat to “love” that may cause it to exit a relationship, using the double entendre of “flies out the door” and “comes innuendo” to be amusing rather than accusatory.
  • Marx’s tone conveys he aims to elicit laughter through his play on words rather than provide literal advice.
  • A balanced interpretation is that Marx intended the quote as lighthearted rather than prescriptive. Reasonable people can disagree on how money and relationships intersect, as priorities evolve differently for consenting individuals over the lifespan according to personal philosophy and circumstances.

Overall, while reflecting Marx’s witty style, the best analysis considers this a humorous observation rather than guidance. The quote captures his comedic perspective, but relationships require ongoing care, empathy and understanding between all people at a pace respecting each person’s autonomy, capacity for growth, and right to define prosperity according to their unique paths and situations over time.

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