Graves B. Erskine: Victory Cost

Posted by admin on Sunday, May 9, 2021

General Graves B. Erskine Money Quote saying no doubt of being victorious, but cost is in question. General Graves B. Erskine said:
Victory was never in doubt. Its cost was Quote

“Victory was never in doubt. Its cost was” — General Graves B. Erskine


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In this quote, General Graves B. Erskine is reflecting on a military victory that was achieved, but at a very high price or cost. His interpretation is that while the end result of winning the conflict was never truly in question given the superior forces and resources available, the expense required to obtain that victory, both in terms of lives lost as well as financial outlays, came at an enormous toll that exceeded expectations.

The overall message seems to be that Erskine believed success on the battlefield was assured, but the ultimate cost of achieving that success through prolonged warfare proved to be much greater than anticipated and came at an extremely heavy cost in lives and resources.

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