George R.R. Martin: Debt or Death

Posted by admin on Friday, July 14, 2023

Meaning of George R.R. Martin Money Quote: saying when choosing between debt or dying, best to choose debt. George R.R. Martin said:

When the choice is debt or death, best borrow Quote

“When the choice is debt or death, best borrow” — George R.R. Martin


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This quote from George R.R. Martin suggests that when faced with a dilemma between taking on debt or facing a severe or even fatal outcome, it is prudent to choose borrowing funds over the alternative of death. Some key points in interpreting his perspective:

  • Martin implies that in situations where debt is the only viable option to finance urgent needs or avert catastrophic consequences like loss of life, going into debt is the rational choice over the alternative.
  • He portrays debt as a necessary risk worth taking to preserve one’s safety, health or survival when no other resources are available and the potential cost of non-action is as high as death.
  • However, a balanced interpretation is that debt should still only be used judiciously as a last resort in genuine emergencies, not frivolously, as it still requires responsible repayment.
  • Reasonable people can disagree on where to draw lines around using credit prudently versus recklessly depending on individual circumstances and priorities.

Overall, the quote conveys Martin’s perspective that debt is preferable to potential loss of life in a crisis. But the best analysis considers this viewpoint alongside others, recognizing that for some, limited, short-term debt can make sense in emergencies if part of a holistic financial strategy, while others prioritize avoiding debt altogether according to their means and risk tolerance. Multiple reasonable perspectives exist on these complex issues.

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