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Posted by admin on Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Meaning of George Pólya Money Quote: saying Math is the least expensive science, no expensive equipment. George Pólya said:
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“” — George Pólya


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In this quote, George Pólya is highlighting that mathematics is a relatively inexpensive field of study compared to other sciences like physics and chemistry. He notes that while subjects like physics require expensive laboratories and equipment to conduct experiments, mathematics can be practiced simply with a pencil and paper.

Pólya is emphasizing that the tools needed for mathematical work – writing and calculation tools – have very low costs compared to other disciplines. The quote suggests mathematics is an accessible science from a financial perspective, as its study and work can be carried out with only basic writing implements rather than pricey technology or facilities.

Overall, Pólya is pointing out the affordability and lack of exorbitant expenses involved in pursuing and advancing the field of mathematics.

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