George Orwell: Sell Souls Public

Posted by admin on Monday, November 20, 2023

Meaning of George Orwell Money Quote: saying People tend to sell their souls publicly, but try to repurchase them secretly. George Orwell said:

We sell our souls in public and buy them back in private Quote

“We sell our souls in public and buy them back in private” — George Orwell


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The quote is a commentary on the tensions between our public and private selves, the cost of success, and the importance of authenticity, including the following important points.


  1. The public and private selves: The quote suggests that we present a certain image of ourselves to the public, which may not be entirely authentic. In private, we may be more true to ourselves and our values. This idea highlights the tension between our public and private selves, and the idea that we may be living a kind of double life.
  2. The cost of success: The phrase “sell our souls” implies that we may be sacrificing something important in order to achieve success. This could be our integrity, our values, or our sense of self. The phrase “buy them back” suggests that we may be trying to regain what we have lost, but it may not be possible to do so.
  3. The commodification of the self: The quote suggests that we may be treating our own selves as commodities, something that can be bought and sold. This idea is particularly relevant in today’s society, where social media and other forms of self-expression can make it feel like we are constantly performing for an audience.
  4. The importance of authenticity: The quote highlights the importance of authenticity and being true to oneself. It suggests that we should be careful about the sacrifices we make in order to achieve success, and that we should prioritize our own values and integrity over external validation.


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