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George Lucas Money Quote saying money wasn’t the goal when he wanted control of merchandising Star Wars products – it was quality he cared about. George Lucas said:
Merchandising Star Wars not because I thought it was going to make me rich, but because I wanted to control it. Quote

“I took over control of the merchandising not because I thought it was going to make me rich, but because I wanted to control it. I wanted to make a stand for social, safety, and quality reasons. I didn’t want someone using the name Star Wars on a piece of junk” — George Lucas


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In this quote, filmmaker George Lucas is explaining his motivations for taking direct control over Star Wars merchandising rights. While lucrative licensing deals did make him wealthy, Lucas says that was not his primary goal – rather, he wanted oversight to ensure high quality and safety standards for branded children’s toys and products.

He didn’t want the Star Wars franchise name attached to cheap, poorly-made items that could pose risks. Lucas seems to have been advocating for social responsibility regarding merchandise aimed at kids.

The quote suggests his priority was maintaining the integrity of the Star Wars brand through carefully managed licensing, not just profiting from the commercialization of the property. Overall, George Lucas appears to have valued protecting fans, especially young ones, over simply maximizing merchandising revenue.

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