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George Gissing Money Quote saying those who believe that time is money might be convinced of the reverse because it can be reasonably suggested. George Gissing said:
Time is money - says the vulgarest saw. Turn it round about, and you get a precious truth - money is time Quote

“Time is money – says the vulgarest saw known to any age or people. Turn it round about, and you get a precious truth – money is time” — George Gissing


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In this quote, George Gissing is playing with the well-known adage “time is money” and inverting it to express a profound truth about the relationship between money and time.

By rearranging it as “money is time”, Gissing suggests that money essentially represents or can buy a person’s time. Those with more financial resources have more freedom and flexibility with how they choose to spend their hours each day.

Without money, people must devote a large portion of their time to work simply to cover basic living costs. But wealth allows one discretion over time by reducing the hours needed to earn a living.

The best interpretation is that Gissing saw money as a store of time – a currency that could purchase relief from financial pressures and enable people more control over their schedules. From this perspective, accumulating money equates to accumulating free hours available for other priorities beyond work obligations.

Birthday: November 22, 1857 – Death: December 28, 1903

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