George Bernard Shaw: Security or Poverty

Posted by admin on Friday, July 20, 2018

George Bernard Shaw Money Quote saying a secure populace cannot exist where poverty threatens everyone. George Bernard Shaw said:
Security cannot exist where the Danger of Poverty hangs over everyone's head Quote

Security, the chief pretense of civilization, cannot exist where the worst of dangers, the danger of poverty, hangs over everyone’s head” — George Bernard Shaw


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George Bernard Shaw is saying that true security and safety cannot exist for a society or civilization if the threat of poverty hangs over everyone’s head. He argues that as long as there is a risk that anyone could fall into poverty at any time, no one can feel truly secure.

By using the word “pretense”, he suggests that claims of security by a society are empty if poverty remains a danger that could affect everyone. In other words, as long as poverty remains widespread, no one can feel confident that their basic needs will be met.

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