George Bernard Shaw: Financial Aristocracy

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George Bernard Shaw Money Quotation saying that pretension of birth aside, Americans represent ruling by financial fiat. George Bernard Shaw said:
We are the only real aristocracy in the world: the aristocracy of money Quote

“We are the only real aristocracy in the world: the aristocracy of money” — George Bernard Shaw


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George Bernard Shaw meant that wealth and financial means had become the dominant factor in determining social status and power in America, rather than hereditary titles or land ownership as in traditional aristocracies.

He was suggesting that those with money formed the new ruling class, as they had the most influence and control over politics, business, and other institutions through their wealth. Shaw saw American society as being governed primarily by the financial interests and decisions of the wealthy, rather than other factors like family lineage or land ownership.

Birthday: July 26, 1856 – Death: November 2, 1950

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