Gandhi: Poverty Worst Form of Violence

Posted by admin on Thursday, August 2, 2018

Gandhi Money Quote saying being poor is to be subject to all manner of emotional battery and abuse. Nothing compares to violence suffered by those in poverty. Gandhi said:
Poverty is the worst form of violence Quote

“Poverty is the worst form of violence” — Gandhi


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In this quote, Gandhi is making a statement about poverty being a very harmful and destructive force. He appears to believe that being extremely poor and lacking basic needs like adequate food, shelter, healthcare and opportunity is a form of violence against humanity.

Gandhi saw poverty as denying people their dignity and ability to reach their full potential. The quote suggests he thought poverty should be addressed and prevented as much as physical violence, as both profoundly damage individuals and societies.

Overall, Gandhi was communicating that extreme lack should be regarded as a serious issue that inflicts deep suffering, similar to overt acts of brutality and force. He highlights the need to reduce conditions of severe deprivation through non-violent and compassionate means.

Birthday October 2, 1869

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