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Galileo Galilei Money Quote saying that working as a tutor and a lecturer was a distraction from his scientific writing and he would like to focus solely on the unpaid work. Galileo Galilei said:
I should wish to gain my bread from my writings Quote


“But, because my private lectures and domestic pupils are a great hindrance and interruption of my studies, I wish to live entirely exempt from the former, and in great measure from the latter. … in short, I should wish to gain my bread from my writings” — Galileo Galilei


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In this quote, Galileo Galilei is expressing his desire to focus fully on his scientific research and writing, without other obligations getting in the way. Some key points:

  • He finds giving private lectures and teaching domestic students to be hindrances that interrupt his studies.
  • Galileo wants to live “entirely exempt” from these teaching duties and distractions.
  • He says he wishes “to gain my bread from my writings” – meaning he wants his primary means of financial support to come from his published works, not other jobs.
  • This would allow Galileo maximum time and energy to dedicate to his scholarly work and experiments without the pressures of additional responsibilities.

Overall, the quote conveys Galileo’s ambition to devote himself completely to his scientific pursuits and publications, without distractions from teaching. He wanted the freedom and security to explore his research full-time through being financially sustained by the success of his writings.

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