Gabor Mate: Exploit For Profit

Posted by admin on Sunday, January 28, 2024

Meaning of Gabor Mate Money Quote: saying unwanted emotions can contribute to making financial profits. Gabor Mate said:

If you have fear, prejudice, and ignorance, there will be profit Quote


“If you have fear, prejudice, and ignorance, there will be profit” — Gabor Mate


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In this quote, Gabor Maté is suggesting that fear, prejudice and ignorance can be exploited for profit. He appears to be saying that when people hold fearful, biased or uninformed views, some may seek to take advantage of this for financial gain.

The quote implies that purveyors of misinformation or manipulation know they can profit from stoking these negative human tendencies in others.

Overall, Gabor Maté seems to be warning that as long as fear, prejudice and ignorance exist in societies, there will unfortunately be those who try to profit from it for their own selfish ends rather than helping to remedy such issues.

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