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Posted by admin on Saturday, July 24, 2021

French Montana Money Quote saying best subject in school taught him to count money. French Montana said:
In school, my favorite subject was math. That's where I learned to count money Quote

“In school, my favorite subject was math. That’s where I learned to count money” — French Montana


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In this quote, French Montana seems to be reflecting on how his interests in school were influenced by his natural entrepreneurial inclinations even at a young age. Specifically:

  • Montana states that while in school, his favorite subject was math, showing an early aptitude for numbers.
  • He notes that math is where he began learning valuable life skills like “count[ing] money”, implying he saw the practical applications of mathematics from an early point.
  • Montana appears to be suggesting he was intuitively drawn to financial and business-related topics from a young age, and found math engaging partly because it could be applied directly to tracking and managing money.

The best interpretation is that Montana is conveying how his interests and proclivities led him to gravitate toward subjects like math that supported natural strengths and curiosities around financial management, commerce and entrepreneurship, according to his perspective on how in-born traits and proclivities can shape one’s approach to education at a formative stage in life even before career paths are clear.

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