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Posted by admin on Thursday, January 30, 2020

French Montana Money Quote saying that math made it clear how to count, as well as add money, which made it a favorite topic. French Montana said:
In school, my favorite subject was math. That's where I learned to count money Quote

“In school, my favorite subject was math. That’s where I learned to count money” — French Montana


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In this quote, French Montana seems to be reflecting on how his interests in school were shaped more by practical lessons than academic subjects. By stating that math was his favorite subject because that’s where he learned “to count money”, Montana implies that developing financial literacy skills like calculating sums of currency had more direct relevance to his goals and future than other areas of study.

The quote conveys Montana’s perspective that for him, the value of schooling stemmed more from opportunities to gain real-world applicable knowledge like currency amounts than abstract theoretical concepts. Overall, Montana appears to be acknowledging that his motivations as a student focused more on numeracy lessons that could aid in his personal and professional pursuits, rather than other curricular areas with less clear connection to his aspirations and lived experiences outside of school.

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